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Stride™ Custom Orthotics

Stride® Custom Orthotics

Properly balanced feet can dramatically improve your overall posture and strength and help to get the results you deserve.

Our QUADRASTEP® Orthotics provide functional orthotic correction with immediate dispensing. Sometimes, however, you need more intervention to address your conditions. That is when you should consider a custom orthotic made from a cast of your feet.

Stride® Custom Orthotics, sister company to Nolaro24, LLC, has been providing the highest quality fully custom foot orthotics since 1989. They have a reputation as a premier custom orthotics lab nationwide because of their attention to detail and superior fabrication methods.

Stride® is a company devoted to a level of orthotic intervention that promotes optimal customer and patient satisfaction. At Stride, we not only utilize quality materials and patient specific orthotic design, but we also provide an extensive service oriented environment catering to the needs of our individual customers. And Stride® Custom Orthotics are fabricated on site!

A few sample of Stride® Custom Orthotics are shown. For a more comprehensive listing with details please visit their website, or call 203-758-8307 to discuss an appointment and how Stride Custom Orthotics can work for you!

Contact Stride, Inc:

Stride Inc.
80 Turnpike Drive, Unit 1
Middlebury, CT 06762
Tel: 203.758.8307
Fax: 203.758.8394

Basic Foot Orthotic from Stride™ Custom Orthotics

Basic Foot Orthotic

A functional foot orthotic for individuals requiring rearfoot motion control and midtarsal joint stabilization. 3/4 Length ending at Met Heads.

Available with or without topcovers.


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Depth Foot Orthotic from Stride™ Custom Orthotics

Depth Foot Orthotic

A modified UCBL foot orthotic with medial and lateral flanges. Includes rearfoot posting for optimal control of the severely pronated foot. Maximum Rearfoot Control. 3/4 Length ending at Met Heads.

Available with or without topcovers.

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Dress Foot Orthotic from Stride™ Custom Orthotics

Dress Foot Orthotic

A low-profile 3/4 length orthotic that offers mild motion control with a slender structure that contours well to most women's dress flats, or men's styled shoewear. Mild Rearfoot Control. 3/4 Length Ending at Met Heads.

A Slim Dress Foot Orthotic is available that is specially contoured for heeled shoes.


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Pediatric Foot Orthotic from Stride™ Custom Orthotics

Pediatric Foot Orthotic

A biomechanical foot orthotic with inverted heel, medial heel skive, medial flange and accommodations for navicular prominence. 3/4 Length Ending at Met Heads.

Available with or without a topcover.


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