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The Podiatric Master class is in just 2 weeks, but there are still spots available.

This is a one of a kind Podiatric Master Class where you actually get to meet vendors and learn about their products and how to use them on a day to day basis. Master lectures include: biomechanics, orthotics, pediatrics, wound care, surgery, heel pain, OTC implementation, trauma, sports medicine, and more!

Discounted room rates end next week, REGISTER NOW!

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Generate some Holiday Revenue and Help your Patients!

With the holidays right around the corner most of you are probably running flat out between your patients, your practice, and your home. It’s hard to find the time to organize a holiday promotion for your patients, so we want to help! We have designed a template letter for you to send to your patients to announce your holiday specials, and the best part is: all you have to do is fill in pricing and add your logo!

We suggest you offer these specials on replacement, 2nd, and even 3rd pairs of QUADRASTEPS® and littleSTEPS®, and be sure to let you patients know that is is more convenient to keep a pair permanently in their boots, cleats, dress shoes or athletic shoes. Less swapping out and less wear and tear.

We have a great Holiday Restocking Sale going on through December 15, with a Black Friday Bonus through November 26. You save – so you can pass on the savings to your patients!

DOWNLOAD the Holiday Sale Template

Get more info on the Holiday Restocking Sale and Black Friday Code


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10 Customer Testimonials for Nolaro24’s family of foot orthotics

In the spirit of our 10th Anniversary, here are 10 testimonials from practitioners who use Nolaro24 products:

“I have been using the littleSTEPS® insoles for some time now and find them to be the perfect balance between the affordability of a direct to physician, over the counter device, and the much more expensive custom products. Not only do my patients and their parents appreciate the low cost of the product compared to a custom device, they are immediately impressed at how efficacious the littleSTEPS® are in relieving their children’s symptoms.” – Ron Raducanu, D.P.M., FASPS, FACFAS, FACFAP

 “Roberta invested a lot of time to train my team so that we would get out of the gate running with the QUADRASTEP® program.” – Nicole Freels, FACFAOM

“In today’s practice, the “ideal” method of treating patients via custom orthoses is often time and cost prohibitive due to declining reimbursements. In contrast, off-the-shelf “arch supports”, although less expensive, usually lack adequate biomechanical support. The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® bridges the gap between custom and non-custom orthoses.” – Louis J DeCaro, DPM

“The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is an excellent system which used correctly can improve performance, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes.” – Mr Simon B Dickinson

“Over the past months, whenever I had a question, I had solutions by the time I got off of the phone with Roberta and her staff. I’m excited to get my entire staff involved with evaluation and utilizing the Quadrastep system more and more in my office. Everybody benefits, especially the patients.” – Nicholas Pagano, DPM

“I have used The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® now for about 6 months. The response has been very positive and the results excellent. We have treated teenage and adult athletes who have been able to return to running much sooner with a lower cost but effective biomechanical correction of their foot faults. Our elderly population has also had great success with elimination of foot and ankle pain.” – Krystal Jenness, PT

“My practice has been successfully using the QUADRASTEP® orthotics system over the past year. Patient’s have had excellent results while receiving a more cost effective orthotic specific to their foot type. We have seen a dramatic increase in doctor referrals due to positive patient feedback.”- Brad Gilden, PT, DPT, CSCS

As you know, many of the arch supports that these kids have are from a Podiatrist Or orthopedist, which Placed their feet in a mold and made them into arch supports. They do nothing for positioning and alignment. About 17 years ago, I was 1 of those patients. In April, Stephanie Haines, The physical therapist I work with, assessed my feet and put a pair of your arch supports in my shoes. My foot pain went away immediately.” – Jeanne Martin

“I have been a PT for 36 years and have personally used orthotics since 1985 and been fabricating custom orthotics for patients since 1987. The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is revolutionary for combining a custom, thoughtful approach to orthotic control but being affordable for most patients. I have used them now for 3 years and they have given me the best control of any orthotics I have used.” – Patty Glatfelter, PT

“I have been meaning to write to you for a bit. I met you at your course last November. I quickly bought the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® and have been selling them to patients with great success. I really like the product and have had many happy patients. Thank you.” – Karin W. LaBanca, PT, DPT

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