Today is National Clean up Your Room Day! In honor of the event, why don’t you re-organize you waiting room with a fresh, new orthotics display?

Did you ever wonder how to set up the NOLARO24, LLC products in your store or office?
We have the solution!

The best way to display your QUADRASTEP® and littleSTEPS® would be to have a complete kit of each in your store or office, that way you can fit your customers without opening up your retail bags. With your kit you will have gotten the NOLARO24, LLC educational 6 Quad poster, which makes a great centerpiece along with your kit. It may be easier to display your poster if you frame it, making it simple to hang from your wall or slat board.

In the example above, displayed at Stride Pedorthic Center in Middlebury, CT, they have our new 6 drawer kit which has complete sets of both QUADRASTEP® orthotics and littleSTEPS® orthotics and gait plates. On top of that are some informational brochures for patients and/or parents which we can customize with your logo and office/store information.

Above the kit and brochures, they have hung a framed NOLARO24, LLC 6 Quad poster which you can use  as a reference for arranging your QUADRASTEP® orthotics around the poster. We recommend hanging the A, C, and E Quads on the left; and the B, D, and F Quads on the right. You can hang your littleSTEPS® orthotics around the QUADRASTEP® orthotics on either side.

Another great option is using our new QUADRASTEP® and littleSTEPS® video in your retails space or waiting room. This is an entertaining and informative presentation that you can loop on a laptop or video monitor in the area where the NOLARO24, LLC educational 6 Quad poster sits in the above display. People love to look at the symptoms and try to guess what their foot type is! It can help to prompt customers to ask you to confirm their foot type so that you have the opportunity to fit them with our unique, inexpensive, custom to foot type orthotics. You can download the video on our graphics page on the nolaro24.com website.

For more information on getting a kit for your office or retail space, visit nolaro24.com or call Bert Parsloe at 203.725.6179.

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What’s New at Nolaro24?

If you missed our Q2 Newsletter, here is what we have coming up in Q2!

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Nolaro24, Amerx & IQMed Biomechanics, Equinus & Wound Care Master Class 2019

There is still time to join us for ALL NEW convenient 2-day course on both the science and practice management of biomechanics, orthotics, equinus, and wound care for all ages!

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Wine & Cheese Reception
April 17, 2019 at 7 PM Middlebury, CT

Learn how dispensing the right orthotics can GROW your practice and improve patient satisfaction
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FREE DOWNLOAD – Waiting Room Poster

Time to get your patients ready for Spring shoes and sports. Get them asking about orthotics with this FREE Spring Poster!

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Come See us in Person

We have a busy spring show schedule, with several opportunities to come see us in action and try on our products for yourselves.

Come see us at:
St. Vincent’s Wound Care Symposium, May 18, 2019 in Bridgeport CT
ACFAP, May 30-June 1, 2019 in Gatlinburg, TN
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Don’t Miss Our ALL NEW Webinar Series 2019

Join us for our new series of 3 Biomechanical Webinars:
•Pediatric Practice Pearls: Age specific orthotic protocols
•Basic Biomechanics: The Four Steps to Foot Typing
•Advanced Gait Analysis and Orthotic Design: How to become an Orthotic Expert

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For more information on any of our upcoming events, contact us at info@nolaro24.com!

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Happy February!

It’s cold outside here in Connecticut, and it’s a good time for inside projects like sprucing up your waiting room!

We have a FREE GIVEAWAY this month, a poster for your waiting room prompting your patients to ask about QUADRASTEP® and littleSTEPS®, and why they might be the right choice of orthotics. We suggest putting it in your waiting room in a stand up sign holder with a dish of Valentine’s candy for your patients.


You can download the poster HERE.

We have a fantastic flash sale running February 4-15 on topcovered QUADRASTEP® orthotics! Go through your drawers and see what you have for stock – this is the time to stock up at our lowest price EVER!

Patients love the covered QUADRASTEP® orthotics not only for the added comfort, but because they replace the insoles that are in their shoes to make it more corrective. They also don’t slip, which is important in any kind of athletics they may be using their sports shoes for.

To find out the details on this sale, please email Bert Parsloe at bertp@nolaro24.com, or call 877-792-4669, Option #1.

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