How to Organize your littleSTEPS® Foot Orthotics and Gait Plates

littleSTEPS® foot orthotics in a handy 5 drawer cartAs we step into 2019, our thoughts are returning to cleaning out the old, organizing, and refreshing! Now is a great time to go through your orthotic stock and see what you are missing, what you need to order, and how you can make it easier on yourself to find things.

Have you ever wondered how you could keep your littleSTEPS® foot orthotics and gait plates organized in your treatment room so that they are handy for fitting your patients? Most treatment rooms are pretty full as it is, so it can be hard to keep any kind of inventory on hand in there as well. Louis J DeCaro, DPM shares some pictures of his treatment rooms and his

littleSTEPS® foot orthotics in a handy 5 drawer cartsystem of organizing his littleSTEPS®. He is able to fit 2 complete sets of littleSTEPS® foot orthotics and 2 complete sets of littleSTEPS® gait plates in a 5 drawer cart. His drawers are clearly labeled with the sizes that are in each drawer, making it quick and easy to choose the correct size to fit his patients.

Nolaro24, LLC is going to make it even easier for you! If you purchase a Double littleSTEPS® kit (2 pairs of each of the 11 sizes), we are now going to give you a 5 drawer cart for FREE. This gives you enough stock to keep a set on hand for fitting, and a set on hand for dispensing. You can contact us to get pricing – call Bert Parsloe at 203-725-6179, or call our ordering department at 877-792-4669 to get your treatment rooms organized TODAY!

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