You Asked for It! New Waiting Room Slideshows for QUADRASTEPS® and littleSTEPS®

We have had a great response from all of you to our QUADRASTEPS® and littleSTEPS® waiting room video. I have received several requests for individual videos for either QUADRASTEPS® or littleSTEPS® standalone videos, and they are now available on our website graphics download page (bottom left).

They are both reasonably short videos that you can loop on a monitor in your waiting room or exam room to give your patients more info on the benefits of using QUADRASTEPS® or littleSTEPS® for themselves or their child. They are sprinkled with a few fun facts and some testimonials from patients and parents on how they have benefited from their foot orthotics.

If you haven’t gotten a video going in your waiting or exam rooms yet, it can be a great tool for letting your patients know what kinds of products you have available, as well as entertaining them while they wait. It can get them to ask you questions and get the conversation going on treatment options.

DOWNLOAD the FREE videos today and let you patients know that you carry QUADRASTEPS® foot orthotics for adults or littleSTEPS® foot orthotics for kids!

For more great tips on setting up your own waiting/exam room video see this blog post

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