Sometimes you find yourself having a little difficulty getting the fit just right for a patient, and you can’t figure out what the problem is. Here are some words of wisdom from Roberta Nole, Ma, PT, C.Ped, founder and owner of Nolaro24:

1. Size C Quads up, they run a bit small.
2. Size E+ (dark reds) down they run a bit big.
3. Never trust what a patient tells you their shoe size is…70% of people are wearing shoes 1/2 to one or more sizes too small for their foot.
4. If you select the correct length, but feel it’s too narrow (even with the regular width devices), go up one size and you’ll gain width; then ask us to cut back the length. Ex: order a C6 cut back to the length of a C5.

For more Sizing FAQ’s visit our Fitting Page http://www.nolaro24.com/fitting.html, or check out our “How To” Video Page http://www.nolaro24.com/video.html

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