You Asked for It! New Waiting Room Slideshows for QUADRASTEPS® and littleSTEPS®

We have had a great response from all of you to our QUADRASTEPS® and littleSTEPS® waiting room video. I have received several requests for individual videos for either QUADRASTEPS® or littleSTEPS® standalone videos, and they are now available on our website graphics download page (bottom left).

They are both reasonably short videos that you can loop on a monitor in your waiting room or exam room to give your patients more info on the benefits of using QUADRASTEPS® or littleSTEPS® for themselves or their child. They are sprinkled with a few fun facts and some testimonials from patients and parents on how they have benefited from their foot orthotics.

If you haven’t gotten a video going in your waiting or exam rooms yet, it can be a great tool for letting your patients know what kinds of products you have available, as well as entertaining them while they wait. It can get them to ask you questions and get the conversation going on treatment options.

DOWNLOAD the FREE videos today and let you patients know that you carry QUADRASTEPS® foot orthotics for adults or littleSTEPS® foot orthotics for kids!

For more great tips on setting up your own waiting/exam room video see this blog post

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Praise for the Biomechanics & Orthotics Master Class:

“Whether you’ve heard Louis and/or Roberta speak or not, this is one of the best and practical programs regarding biomechanics and orthotics you’ll hear anywhere, any time. Easy to understand, easy to translate to your patients, easy to implement in your practice. Guaranteed you won’t/can’t sleep through the lectures. They’re entertaining and informative, not dry biomechanics, they’re paced well, and Louis might call you out if he catches you sleeping or checking your smartphone. If you have the time, don’t miss it! If you don’t have the time, make the time–you won’t regret it!” – Brandon Macy, DPM


“Great conference. Worth your time. Reignited my passion for biomechanics. Hit the ground running right after the conference!” – Nick Pagano, DPM


“The seminar that we attended in Orlando in December has proven quite beneficial for my practice. The QUADRASTEP method is now being instituted within my practice as a first-line of care and practically all situations.

Roberta’s knowledge along with Dr. DeCaro’s experience with biomechanics made this one of the best biomechanical workshops I’ve attended. In school and residency, we were so focused on surgical correction that much was lost in the very nature of the foot as an integral part of the very nature of human mechanics.

I would recommend the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM wholeheartedly to all of my colleagues as a much better and responsible device for patients to use for a multitude of pathologies. The patients I have a used them on are more satisfied, there are very few if any returns, and we are getting family involved in getting QUADRASTEPS for other family members.

My next plan is to arrange a small workshop at the hospital where I work most of the time and educate the OR nurses on the importance of good mechanical of footwear.

Thank you so much for your lecture series. Am I firmly believe that the information that was provided Is far superior then I receive it most medical conferences. That CMEs are not authorized for this is surprising, in that the conference is so educational.” – Chris Bryant, DPM

Join us for the next Master Class on April 20-21, 2018 at Sheraton Bradley Airport Windsor Locks, CT


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FREE Customized Marketing Materials!

Did you know that Nolaro24 is happy to customize graphics for your office with your logo and contact information, FREE of charge? We have many pieces to choose from, including office signs, referral sheets, patient brochures, foot sizing charts, ads and clinic templates.

The First step would be to customize a Referral Sheet with your logo and office information. You can print these and hand to area practitioners who may want to recommend that a patient schedule an appointment with you. Here are generic examples:
littleSTEPS® Referral Sheet




We have parent/patient brochures, please let us know if you would like us to customize them for you:
littleSTEPS® Orthotics Parent Brochure

We also have office signs to let your patients know that you carry our products. There are generic examples on our website:

Another great tool that we have is providing you with graphics for your website, so that your patients will know that you are dispensing our products. We are happy to work with your website designer to get a graphic on your site.

After you get our products on your website, we suggest the next step for success would be to offer a free 10 minute foot screening in your office for family members of patients, that will generate new and future patients and sales for years to come. Many adult patients might not know that you see children as well, and adding one kid a day to your practice equals 240 new patients a year! We have a poster for your waiting room to advertise that you do the screenings. A letter sized example of the poster can be viewed here. The full sized poster is available for purchase.

We have also developed an informative slideshow that can be used in a waiting or examination room as a tool to educate your patients about our products. We offer it in MP4 format, as well as PDF. Many of our customers find it a big hit to have something playing on a loop in their rooms, and it prompts customers to ask more questions. If this is something you are interested in using, you can download the video here, there is a link on the bottom left of the page. If you already have a waiting room slideshow, we can help you to integrate it into your current presentation.

The step after that would be to run a foot screening clinic to screen for foot problems. The goal is to make appointments for the people that will need further treatment. We have found that these are very successful for many of our customers. We have many themes for you to choose from in order to help you advertise your clinic, and we are happy to customize them for you. Themes can be viewed here

We want to help you with a successful orthotics program, so please reach out to us and let us know what we can do to make it happen for you! Contact Casey Hoffman 860-480-0475 and get started TODAY!

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