FREE Customized Marketing Materials!

Did you know that Nolaro24 is happy to customize graphics for your office with your logo and contact information, FREE of charge? We have many pieces to choose from, including office signs, referral sheets, patient brochures, foot sizing charts, ads and clinic templates.

The First step would be to customize a Referral Sheet with your logo and office information. You can print these and hand to area practitioners who may want to recommend that a patient schedule an appointment with you. Here are generic examples:
littleSTEPS® Referral Sheet

We have parent/patient brochures, please let us know if you would like us to customize them for you:
littleSTEPS® Orthotics Parent Brochure

We also have office signs to let your patients know that you carry our products. There are generic examples on our website:

Another great tool that we have is providing you with graphics for your website, so that your patients will know that you are dispensing our products. We are happy to work with your website designer to get a graphic on your site.

After you get our products on your website, we suggest the next step for success would be to offer a free 10 minute foot screening in your office for family members of patients, that will generate new and future patients and sales for years to come. Many adult patients might not know that you see children as well, and adding one kid a day to your practice equals 240 new patients a year! We have a poster for your waiting room to advertise that you do the screenings. A letter sized example of the poster can be viewed here. The full sized poster is available for purchase.

We have also developed an informative slideshow that can be used in a waiting or examination room as a tool to educate your patients about our products. We offer it in MP4 format, as well as PDF. Many of our customers find it a big hit to have something playing on a loop in their rooms, and it prompts customers to ask more questions. If this is something you are interested in using, you can download the video here, there is a link on the bottom left of the page. If you already have a waiting room slideshow, we can help you to integrate it into your current presentation.

The step after that would be to run a foot screening clinic to screen for foot problems. The goal is to make appointments for the people that will need further treatment. We have found that these are very successful for many of our customers. We have many themes for you to choose from in order to help you advertise your clinic, and we are happy to customize them for you. Themes can be viewed here

We want to help you with a successful orthotics program, so please reach out to us and let us know what we can do to make it happen for you! Contact Casey Hoffman 860-480-0475 and get started TODAY!

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Holiday Waiting Room Poster FREE Download

Everyone needs some love for their feet this holiday season, we are all going 100 miles an hour to get everything done for work and for our families! Put this poster out in your waiting room to get patients to ask about Nolaro24 products for themselves and their kids. Get them to ask “WHAT’S MY FOOT TYPE?”!

DOWNLOAD POSTER now, and while you are getting customers interested, try offering a special on QUADRASTEPS and littleSTEPS, like get a second pair for your boots at a discounted rate! We have a great letter template with ideas if you want to send an offer to your customers for end of the year or holiday specials. Many customers have insurance money they need to use by December 31 so it’s a good time to send a reminder!

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Have You Thought About Running a Slideshow in your Waiting/Exam Room?

Do you run a video presentation in your office waiting room? Many practitioners find that not only does it entertain your patients, it prompts them to ask you questions about treatment options or products.

If you are just thinking about setting a slideshow/video presentation up, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, always look at it from the point of view of the patient, and stress what is in it for them. Think less about the features and more about the benefits of the products or offerings – people want to hear how a product can make their life easier or more comfortable. Are there benefits of the materials vs. other comparable materials? Will it save you time? Will it save you money?

Secondly, it is a good idea to have a slideshow/video that is a mix of information for different diagnoses, OTC products, seasonal promotions, social media contests, fun facts, and customized products. A good example is using 6 slides of each of our 6 foot types – patients love to guess which quad they are. Get them to ask you if they were right!

Lastly, it is a good idea to sprinkle patient testimonials throughout your presentation, keep it in your patient’s mind that your products really have made a difference in peoples’ lives.

Here at Nolaro24, we are always striving to come up with promotional ideas to make your life easier. We want you to be able to promote your orthotics program and be successful with it. After many people asking, we are proud to announce that we have completed our own waiting/exam room video, and it is available to you to download for FREE from our website. There are 3 files, 2 are MP4 videos; one larger file suitable for large screen televisions, and a smaller file suitable for laptops or standard monitors. There is also a file in PDF form, you can save individual slides and sprinkle them throughout your own presentations, or use them on social media to let your customers know that you carry our Nolaro24 products, QUADRASTEP® foot orthotics for adults, and littleSTEPS® foot orthotics for kids.

I have to give a big shout out to Elise Hinchman of Lexington Podiatry for her valuable advice and guidance on this project.
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