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Free Download for your Waiting Room!

It’s that time of the year! The time all parents wait for – time to start thinking about getting their kids ready for school (and out of the house – YAY). That means new gear, new clothes, and new shoes. This is the perfect time for you to be reminding parents to check their kids’ littleSTEPS® for outgrowth, it’s likely they need a new pair to fit in those new shoes.

We have some great tools to help you remind your parents! We have a flyer that you can download and customize with your office info. You can mail it out or hand it out to every parent who gets littleSTEPS® with a reminder date for them to start checking the size of their child’s littleSTEPS® . We also have this great new WAITING ROOM POSTER that you can download for FREE to display in your waiting room to remind parents that they need to check to see if their child might need littleSTEPS® to help support their feet in the upcoming school year.

FREE DOWNLOAD for your Waiting Room

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Father’s Day gift for DAD!

Mother’s Day is over, now it’s time to pamper Dad! Why not offer those hard working Dads a free foot screening during the month of June? Download our Father’s Day poster and get those Moms in the waiting room to sign up their hubby to get their foot type.🥰

There are 2 versions, one offering the free foot screening, and one without.
Download here:

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