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Our QUADRASTEP® and littleSTEPS® prefabricated orthoses are based on shoe size and knowing your patient’s shoe size will help you to zero in on the correct fit. But you need to double-check the fit on your patient because sometimes people aren’t wearing their correct shoe size and different shoe manufacturers have slightly different sizing.

First check the orthotic against the patient’s foot in a non-weight bearing position. If this seems good you then need to get the patient to stand on the orthotic for a final fit check. When someone stands their feet can change size, mostly due to soft tissue expansion, so the final determination on fit is always done with the patient standing on the orthotic.

If you’re not certain of fit, feel free to email us some pictures of your patient standing on the orthotic, ideally one taken from behind and one taken from the front, so we can see the arch. We are happy to confirm that you have the correct fit and the correct orthotic and offer any further advice as needed.

Narrow Width QUADRASTEP® Orthotics from Nolaro24, LLCOur QUADRASTEP® orthotics are available in two widths; regular and narrowed, which are ¼” narrow. The narrow orthotics are designed to fit in cleats and fashion type shoes and generally women tend to prefer the narrow width because it allows them to wear their orthotics in a greater variety of shoes.

Depending on which Quad your patient needs, the QUADRASTEP® orthotic devices are different lengths, the B,C & D Quads are your standard ¾ length device with no extrinsic forefoot posting. The anterior edge of these devices should end just posterior to the apex of the metatarsal heads. Please refer to our BCD fitting guide. Whereas, Quads A,E & F are an extended length orthotic that comes to the sulcus and these designs have extrinsic forefoot posting. On the A & F designs the 1st metatarsal cut-out should be just posterior to the apex of the 1st metatarsal on the medial side. The E Quad orthotic has a 5th metatarsal cut-out, so it’s best to check that design on the lateral side. The 5th MTPJ should be sitting in the cut-out. Please refer to our AEF fitting guide.


Fitting your QUADRASTEP® Orthotics

How to fit full length QUADRASTEP® orthotics from Nolaro24, LLC


How to fit 3/4 length QUADRASTEP® orthotics from Nolaro24, LLC


The QUADRASTEP® orthotics grind easily and it is easy to take them back in areas to improve the fit or change the amount of correction. If you want to make your own modifications it is easier to start with the regular width device and grind back as need to customize the fit. We don’t recommend heat molding because the material has a low melting point and it is easy to damage the devices. If you’re not equipped to do in-house modifications just let us know what you need and we’re happy to customize the fit for you. If you send some pictures of the patient standing on the orthotic and a do foot tracing that will help.

littleSTEPS® orthotics are a standard ¾ length orthotic with no forefoot posting so follow the fit instructions for littleSTEPS®. Advise parents that if the child goes up in shoe size it is likely that they will have outgrown their littleSTEPS® orthotic, so that is when they should schedule a time to see you to have the size and fit checked on their littleSTEPS® orthotics.


Fitting your littleSTEPS® Orthotics

How to fit littleSTEPS® foot orthotics for kids from Nolaro24, LLC


How to fit littleSTEPS® Gait Plates for kids from Nolaro24, LLC


littleSTEPS® orthotics can be heat adjusted for minor adjustments. Please see our How-To Videos to learn how to Heat Flare a littleSTEPS® orthotic.

Download our littleSTEPS® Orthotic and Gait Plate Fitting and Sizing Guide.

If you have remaining questions on how to fit your QUADRASTEP® or littleSTEPS® orthotics, you can refer to our FAQ, and if you do not find answers there we are happy to answer any questions you have or view pictures/videos to help you choose the correct fit or orthotic.

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