The NEW E+ from The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is here!

Many practitioners around the world already dispense our six original QUADRASTEP® orthotics effectively with great accuracy on about 80% of all patients. With the addition of our 7th orthotic (the E+), practitioners will be able to effectively treat about 90% of all patients. The QUADRASTEP® E+ orthotic offers more arch support, more forefoot equinus correction, and increased rearfoot posting over the existing E orthotic. The E+ orthotic will not replace the E orthotic, but will allow practitioners to treat virtually every variety of the highly common E QUAD foot-type. The new E+ offers these alternative design features to
more effectively treat the higher arched E’s.

The E QUAD foot-type is one of the most common and unique-looking feet, often with
a reverse-lasted foot shape. This foot-type is the result of a combined uncompensated rearfoot varus, coupled with a moderate to large forefoot varus. The E QUAD foot-type is one of the most destructive foot-types of all. The combined uncompensated rearfoot and forefoot varus deformities in this foot-type create a very rigid foot that is unable to provide the motions necessary to load the medial aspect of the foot during the stance phase of gait. The keynote feature of this foot-type is the ballistic heel whip that is evident at heel rise. The larger the forefoot varus deformity the bigger the heel whip, the larger the toe sign, and
the greater the chance of kicking oneself in the opposite leg. The E does a great job at controlling this foot but mostly for the lower arch variants. The E+ will have all of the benefits of the regular E, but with a more aggressive arch to control those feet with a higher arch.

To add the new E+ to your existing QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® Kit or to purchase by the pair, call 877.792.4669 or email

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