Due to a high demand for the only prefab gait plate on the market, Nolaro24 is pleased to announce a new and improved version of our popular littleSTEPS Gait Plates!

  • New kid-friendly purple color to easily differentiate from regular littleSTEPS
  • The new purple color serves as a reminder that when kids with in-toe gait mature into adult shoe sizes, they would likely transition well into a B Quad Adult orthotic which is designed for teens and adults with in-toe gait.
  • Gait Plate Version 2.0 provides improved accuracy of sizing, more closely matching the depth and width of our standard littleSTEPS models.
  • Newly automated processing allows for faster delivery!

Don’t forget to get your New version 2.0 littleSTEPS Gait Plate Fit Kits to start dispensing immediately!

Fit Kits:

  • Are to be used for Sizing/Fitting
  • Allow you to always have a pair for parent to see on their child
  • Eliminate ordering the wrong size
  • Allow you to develop a loaner program

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QUADRASTEP Efficacy in the Workplace

A quality improvement study into the effectiveness of the semi-custom, prefabricated shoe insert program (Quadrastep System) at reducing complaints of discomfort in an industrial setting.
Jeffrey Dow, RPT, CEASIII, Premise Health System
Pauline Lewis, MS, CPE, Michelin

A common source of reduced productivity and lost work time in the industrial setting is musculoskeletal discomfort in the feet, knees, hips, and low back. Even when working identical job posts, these symptoms can vary widely between employees, and could potentially be caused by intrinsic foot biomechanics coupled with long-term standing activities. Therefore, to prevent injury and reduce daily discomfort, one size-fits-all approaches such as anti-fatigue mats or off-the-shelf shoe insoles may be less effective than treating each employee’s specific biomechanical traits. The Quadrastep System is a prefabricated, semicustom shoe insert system that bridges the gap between more expensive, fully customized orthotics and off the- shelf options. We studied the effectiveness of the system in a large manufacturing plant by assessing and providing Quadrastep inserts to 28 volunteers. After 2 months of daily wear, 94% of these volunteers said they received some benefit from the inserts, while 52% reported full resolution of daily symptoms.

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Twitter @Nolaro24LLC

NEW LIVE COURSE – Take the Mystery out of Gait: 4 Simple Steps to Becoming an Expert


Instructor: Roberta Nole, MA, PT, C.Ped
Hosted by Ronai PT & Sports Medicine, LLC
400 Boston Post Rd., Orange CT

Course Date: December 11, 2021
8 am – 5:15 pm

1 Day Course – 7.5 Contact Hours
Pre-Approval Pending by ABC CTAPTA
Cost: $250

Join us for an ALL NEW Course in Orange CT. This course will be a live program utilizing lecture and lab with plenty of demonstration and hands-on practice. This one-day program examines pathological gait conditions, resulting from the occurrence of rearfoot varus deformities, forefoot varus and forefoot valgus deformities, as well as their combined effects.

Students will learn:

  • Foot Biomechanics Review presented in a way that is simple easy to understand
  • Rearfoot Deformities: Compensated vs Uncompensated and what that really means
  • Forefoot Deformities: Varus and Valgus
  • Simple Video Gait analysis
  • Clinical Conditions by Foot Type
  • Orthotic Selection Process and Prescription
  • A Review of Individual Case Studies

Who Should Attend

DPMs, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Orthotists, and C.Peds