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“Roberta invested a lot of time to train my team so that we would get out of the gate running with the QUADRASTEP®program. First, she conducted multiple webinars to prepare us for what to expect in her intensive, three day workshop. Then, she traveled to Lexington to spend an entire day training our team on how to foot type, run a semi-custom clinic and more, before two days of clinic with us and our patients.

I can’t say enough about the teaching ability of both Roberta and Brenda. They gave my team confidence and assured them that they would become ‘old pros’ at foot typing soon. It was fun watching my team respond to R&B – they can be shy, withdrawn and even skeptical during situations where they feel ‘on the spot’ during a continuing education experience. It was quite the opposite this time! They were all interested and engaged. I credit Roberta and Brenda for that. They were absolutely tireless during the three days and everyone on the team drew energy from them. If you are considering QUADRASTEP®(orthotics) for your own office, do yourself a favor and have Roberta’s team teach you in person.”

Nicole Freels, FACFAOM
Lexington Podiatry


“I have been using the littleSTEPS® insoles for some time now and find them to be the perfect balance between the affordability of a direct to physician, over the counter device, and the much more expensive custom products. Not only do my patients and their parents appreciate the low cost of the product compared to a custom device, they are immediately impressed at how efficacious the littleSTEPS® are in relieving their children’s symptoms. As a practitioner with many years of experience dealing with pediatric foot and ankle pathologies, it is refreshing to see a product like littleSTEPS® , that offers good quality support such as a deep heel cup, a rearfoot post, and high medial and lateral sides for better forefoot control in a non custom product. I would recommend this product to any parent looking for a reasonably priced and very supportive insole for their child.”

Ron Raducanu, D.P.M., FASPS, FACFAS, FACFAP Private Practice 
Pennsylvania Foot and Ankle Associates, Philadelphia, PA


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Roberta for the last 5 years with the QUADRASTEP® program. Prior to purchasing the orthotics for my office, Roberta spent an extensive amount of time familiarizing me with the devices, their purpose and clinical evaluation that led my patient’s success with the orthotics. She and her team provided a webinar on foot typing and application of the quadrastep system in the office, that was an incredibly educational and enjoyable experience. Over the past months, whenever I had a question, I had solutions by the time I got off of the phone with Roberta and her staff. I’m excited to get my entire staff involved with evaluation and utilizing the Quadrastep system more and more in my office. Everybody benefits, especially the patients.”

Nicholas Pagano, DPM – Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care, Plymouth Meeting, PA

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