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Louis J. DeCaro, DPM

"The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® offers 6 Quad specific functional orthoses, each biomechanically tailored to that of a true custom prescription."


Nicole Freels, FACFAOM

"Roberta invested a lot of time to train my team so that we would get out of the gate running with the QUADRASTEP® program."


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Here's what people have to say...

"Dear Bert,

While my feedback is anecdotal and not an evidenced based study, my 34 years of practice experience is a good basis for assessment.

I am very pleased with the benefits of prescribing littleSTEPS® pediatric orthotic devices. As a Podiatric physician and surgeon I have been skeptical of semi-custom or prefabricated appliances vs custom orthotics fashioned from plaster of Paris impressions taken in neutral to inverted position.

However over the past 3 years I have prescribed littleSTEPS® for several of my grandchildren with severe collapsing pes plano valgus as the custom orthotics I prescribed were too bulky and ineffective in controlling the frontal plane motion (valgus) of the heel as well as pronounced forefoot abduction.

The deep UCBL type heel cup and medial/lateral flanges are supportive enough to control heel valgus while also keeping the foot from shifting laterally or “sliding off” the orthotic. Also important is the thinness of the material which eliminates shoe fit issues thereby improving patient compliance. First hand observation of the improvement in the relaxed calcaneal stance position over a 3 year period has been impressive and considerably better than anticipated.

While my feedback is anecdotal and not an evidenced based study, my 34 years of practice experience is a good basis for assessment.

Thank you for providing an affordable and effective alternative for our pediatric patients, who after all have the highest potential to experience structural improvement through through the mitigation of deleterious effects of excessive pronation during musculoskeletal and ligamentous development.

Best regards,
Vincent J Martorana, DPM"

Vincent J Martorana, DPM
"I have been using the littleSTEPS® insoles for some time now and find them to be the perfect balance between the affordability of a direct to physician, over the counter device, and the much more expensive custom products. Not only do my patients and their parents appreciate the low cost of the product compared to a custom device, they are immediately impressed at how efficacious the littleSTEPS® are in relieving their children's symptoms. As a practitioner with many years of experience dealing with pediatric foot and ankle pathologies, it is refreshing to see a product like littleSTEPS® , that offers good quality support such as a deep heel cup, a rearfoot post, and high medial and lateral sides for better forefoot control in a non custom product. I would recommend this product to any parent looking for a reasonably priced and very supportive insole for their child."

Ron Raducanu, D.P.M., FASPS, FACFAS, FACFAP Private Practice
Pennsylvania Foot and Ankle Associates, Philadelphia, PA
"Roberta invested a lot of time to train my team so that we would get out of the gate running with the QUADRASTEP® program. First, she conducted multiple webinars to prepare us for what to expect in her intensive, three day workshop. Then, she traveled to Lexington to spend an entire day training our team on how to foot type, run a semi-custom clinic and more, before two days of clinic with us and our patients.

I can't say enough about the teaching ability of both Roberta and Brenda. They gave my team confidence and assured them that they would become 'old pros' at foot typing soon. It was fun watching my team respond to R&B – they can be shy, withdrawn and even skeptical during situations where they feel 'on the spot' during a continuing education experience. It was quite the opposite this time! They were all interested and engaged. I credit Roberta and Brenda for that. They were absolutely tireless during the three days and everyone on the team drew energy from them. If you are considering QUADRASTEP® (orthotics) for your own office, do yourself a favor and have Roberta's team teach you in person."

Nicole Freels, FACFAOM
Lexington Podiatry
"It Is Truly Revolutionary and Will Change the Way the Industry Looks at Feet!"

"In today's practice, the "ideal" method of treating patients via custom orthoses is often time and cost prohibitive due to declining reimbursements. In contrast, off-the-shelf "arch supports", although less expensive, usually lack adequate biomechanical support. The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® bridges the gap between custom and non-custom orthoses.

Unlike other off-the-shelf orthotic systems that offer only a "One-Shape-Fits-All" arch support, the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® offers 6 Quad specific functional orthoses, each biomechanically tailored to that of a true custom prescription.

The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® enhances podiatric practice management by simultaneously addressing budgetary concerns and the need for immediate orthotic intervention. In addition, it offers the podiatrist an opportunity to expand their orthotic practice in a timely and efficient manner."

Dr. Louis DeCaro, DPM
DeCaro Total Foot Care Center
West Hatfield, MA

"Hi Roberta,

I have been meaning to write to you for a bit. I met you at your course at Melissa Corriveau's Middlebury clinic last November. I quickly bought the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® and have been selling them to patients with great success. I really like the product and have had many happy patients. Thank you.

You made me a custom right orthotic and a pair for my father David Williams. They are great. My Dad had tremendous foot pain and is out planting evergreens, chasing his herd of 100 beef cattle around, and tending to his 330-acre bed and breakfast with no pain.

I wanted to let you know that Chris has been super attentive and very pleasant for ordering QUADRASTEPS®. He is lovely.

Thank you very much for inventing such a great orthotic and for having great staff to get them out to customers.

Have a good day,

Karin W. LaBanca, PT, DPT
Fisio Physical Therapy and Wellness, LLC

"The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is an excellent system which used correctly can improve performance, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes."

"As a busy and pressured NHS orthotics department we are constantly facing challenging and increasingly changing targets. Specifically financial pressures and performance against the 18-weeks pathway is a significant challenge.

At first glance I thought the The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® was too simplified. After using the system and studying the designs in details my attitude has changed and The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is now something I value as a clinical treatment modality. In fact many of my custom designed orthoses have exactly the same design characteristics as the shells.

The system allows orthoses to be instantly provided which helps our 18-week performance. It's durable so the long term financial costs of treatment will be reduced and it offers a new choice of treatment which is very similar to a bespoke device but at significantly reduced cost to the NHS.

The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is an excellent system which used correctly can improve performance, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes".

Mr Simon B Dickinson
Head of Service/Orthotic Clinical Lead
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trusts
Nov 30, 2010

"Director of Education/Training Receives Praise for Implementing Incredible Foundation for Our Orthotic Program."

We (Dana and Kate) want to thank you for allowing your staff to be such an important part in the development of our orthotic program. You have been more than accessible to us and have promptly addressed all of our needs. Your skill and knowledge with regards to biomechanics is astounding. We are always amazed by your ability to correctly classify foot types from a distance... you are a phenomenal educator and mentor. Because of this, you have been able to educate us so that we could educate our physicians and implement such and incredible foundation for our orthotic program. Thank you again.
Dana Walker and Kate Hernandez, Potomac Valley Sports Medicine."

"I have been a PT for 36 years and have personally used orthotics since 1985 and been fabricating custom orthotics for patients since 1987. The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is revolutionary for combining a custom, thoughtful approach to orthotic control but being affordable for most patients. I have used them now for 3 years and they have given me the best control of any orthotics I have used. They are affordable enough for me to have 4 pairs so I don't always have to switch my orthotics from shoe to shoe. I have had a chance to monitor my relatives on a regular basis with the use of these orthotics and seen their success over time. I could easily recommend them to any practitioner who has an interest in incorporating orthotic management into their practice. It can often be the missing link to successful patient outcome over time."

Patty Glatfelter, PT
Spine and Extremity Rehabilitation Center

"I love your products and I actually wear a pair, of course.

I see many kids (& parents) that need some type of arch support and I am thrilled that there are different Supports for different Foot types.

As you know, many of the arch supports that these kids have are from a Podiatrist Or orthopedist, which Placed their feet in a mold and made them into arch supports. They do nothing for positioning and alignment.

About 17 years ago, I was 1 of those patients. In April, Stephanie Haines, The physical therapist I work with, assessed my feet and put a pair of your arch supports in my shoes. My foot pain went away immediately."

Jeanne Martin

"I have had the good fortune to have found Roberta Nole many years ago and attended every one of her foot/orthotics courses. She has an extraordinary ability to organize information and see patterns in her observations and studies. This is most exemplified by the development of her 24 foot type chart which is the foundation for the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM®.

Of the many fully custom and QUADRASTEP® patients whom I have fitted, none are more excited than the ones fitted in QUADRASTEP® A Quad orthotics. Most of these people have had problems for years, seen multiple disciplines for relief or answers. As soon as they stand (not even walk yet) on these orthotics, they will say how good they feel and how supportive and relaxing they are.

We, at Nassau Physical Therapy, are so confident in all of the QUADRASTEP® orthotics that we allow patients to return them for the orthotic portion of the charge if, after the break-in period, they are not satisfied. The beauty of being able to immediately determine if someone will do better with a C or an E or a D vs. and F is invaluable; plus, they don't have to wait in pain for 3-4 weeks for a custom orthotic to return in order to fit them. On occasion, we have had to order a custom since the QUADRASTEP® can fit most but not all. Even in this situation, knowing which of the QUADRASTEP® orthotics comes closest to fitting is helpful. I will even annotate my measurement form with "closest to an E". When you can place a patient in an orthotic and immediately change their knee pain, they understand the reason why the orthotics are an important component of their rehabilitation. Immediate gratification: there's nothing like it!"

Don J. Hunter PT, DPT, MTC, MS, C.PED
Amelia Island, Florida

"Excellent Results!"

"My practice has been successfully using the QUADRASTEP® orthotics system over the past year. Patient's have had excellent results while receiving a more cost affective orthotic specific to their foot type. We have seen a dramatic increase in doctor referrals due to positive patient feedback."

Dr. Brad Gilden, PT, DPT, CSCS
Managing Partner, Elite Health Services, Greenwich, CT

"The Response Has Been Very Positive"

"I have used The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® now for about 6 months. The response has been very positive and the results excellent. We have treated teenage and adult athletes who have been able to return to running much sooner with a lower cost but effective biomechanical correction of their foot faults. Our ederly population has also had great success with elimination of foot and ankle pain.

We slipped a pair in a patients' sandals just yesterday and she was amazed how good they felt. She said they felt like a really good pair of supportive sneakers. She is sure they are going to help her tolerate standing on the cement floors for her work."

Krystal Jenness, PT
Fairfax Family Physical Therapy, Fairfax, Vermont

"I've had the pleasure of working with Roberta for the last 5 years with the QUADRASTEP® program. Prior to purchasing the orthotics for my office, Roberta spent an extensive amount of time familiarizing me with the devices, their purpose and clinical evaluation that led my patient's success with the orthotics. She and her team provided a webinar on foot typing and application of the quadrastep system in the office, that was an incredibly educational and enjoyable experience. Over the past months, whenever I had a question, I had solutions by the time I got off of the phone with Roberta and her staff. I'm excited to get my entire staff involved with evaluation and utilizing the Quadrastep system more and more in my office. Everybody benefits, especially the patients."

Nicholas Pagano, DPM - Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care, Plymouth Meeting, PA

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