Adding Modifications to Your Pre-fabricated Orthoses

Widget kits & heel lifts:

We commonly get asked about doing further customization on our littleSTEPS® and QUADRASTEP® prefabricated foot orthoses. We are happy to help you with these customizations or modifications but we also sell a number of items like heel lifts, metatarsal domes and wedges that are ‘peel & stick’ and are easy to apply in an office setting and can be trimmed around the edges to remove excess material (if needed) using scissors. No grinder or specialized lab set-up is needed.

Widget Sampler Kit available from Nolaro24, LLC
Widget Sampler Kit available from Nolaro24, LLC

We sell a widget kit that is a sampler of the common items like, heel lifts, met domes and wedge material (to add additional posting) that you can add to our littleSTEPS® or QUADRASTEP® orthotics to make many common modifications to them. They are available in three sizes; small, medium and large. If you are just making adjustments on littleSTEPS®, the small size is recommended.

Or if you just want heel lifts you can order them separately. These come in 4mm, 6mm or 8mm, so you can get the precise amount of heel lift that you want, which is very useful for treating leg length inequality. You also have the option to change the amount of lift over time by removing one size and then adding another size. The self-sticking adhesive sticks very well but it can be removed and the material used has a decent amount of durometer and strength. This is very durable and long lasting, especially with children but with some adults who are heavier you may decide you want to use a stronger more durable material for longer terms results. Using these peel and stick lifts on a trial basis first, can allow you to work out the precise amount of lift that will work best for your patient before more permanent modifications are made to the orthotic.

If you know the precise amount of lift you would like added to a littleSTEPS® or QUADRASTEP® orthotic, you can simply ask us to add that prior to delivery for $10.00. Adding met mounds or heel cushioning is also $10.00. If you would like us to add top covers to our littleSTEPS® or QUADRASTEP® orthotics it costs $25.00 a pair.

Widget Kit sampler, costs $25.00 and includes: A pair each of heel lifts/elevators in 4mm, 6mm & 8mm and one pair of metatarsal domes/mounds, plus 4 pieces of wedge material for posting in 3 & 5 degrees.

Contact us for pricing on purchasing these items separately. They usually come in packs of 10 and if you purchase a 10 pack, it works out that they only cost a dollar or two each. So this is a very cost-effective way to make instant modifications to your littleSTEPS® or QUADRASTEP® orthotics. The widget kit is a great way to sample and try all the self-adhesive widgets that are available and find out which ones you like the best or would use the most.

As always we pride ourselves on delivering great technical support. Our technical team has many years of clinical experience and expertise in many specialties. If you are not sure of how best to modify a littleSTEPS® or QUADRASTEP® orthotic, email us a picture of your patient’s feet (standing on the orthotic) and we can help point you in the right direction.

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