Due to a high demand for the only prefab gait plate on the market, Nolaro24 is pleased to announce a new and improved version of our popular littleSTEPS Gait Plates!

  • New kid-friendly purple color to easily differentiate from regular littleSTEPS
  • The new purple color serves as a reminder that when kids with in-toe gait mature into adult shoe sizes, they would likely transition well into a B Quad Adult orthotic which is designed for teens and adults with in-toe gait.
  • Gait Plate Version 2.0 provides improved accuracy of sizing, more closely matching the depth and width of our standard littleSTEPS models.
  • Newly automated processing allows for faster delivery!

Don’t forget to get your New version 2.0 littleSTEPS Gait Plate Fit Kits to start dispensing immediately!

Fit Kits:

  • Are to be used for Sizing/Fitting
  • Allow you to always have a pair for parent to see on their child
  • Eliminate ordering the wrong size
  • Allow you to develop a loaner program

Questions? Contact Bert Parsloe at or 203-725-6719

Find us:

FB @nolaro
Twitter @Nolaro24LLC

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